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FC Augsburg 1907, impermanence, training, veganism, music, design, mindfulness and my amazing wife are my focus. Especially embracing what truly serves me and these things have been shining through.

FC Augsburg 1907

My football team. My only football team. Unconditional love although a very testing and turbulent relationship that has taught me a lot. I’m a huge football fan and especially European leagues, not just the top few. But the Bundesliga is my favourite and when FCA were promoted in 2011 and I could be there for their first home and away games in the 1. Bundesliga in their history, it was fantastic, despite two draws. They’re still there and hopefully for a long time to come.


Nothing is permanent. Seems like an easy concept to grasp but it’s constantly challenging and relative to every individual. I’ll leave it at that but enjoy the challenge to embrace it.


An outlet to hold on to my youth but also something I truly enjoy, especially the process, small wins, and evolving journey striving for a sub 3 hour marathon. An important part of my ideal self and happiness.


The most important decision I’ve made that impacted how I see the world. A true test of my patience and I keep striving to be an example because we all have our own journeys. Love animals, don’t eat them. It’s easy to stand for something if you’re priveleged and not confronted with it. Veganism is a constant reminder of the inequality, violence and lack of empathy in the world.


After playing in bands for many years, the design production part of my life has totally slowed down but given me more time to stop, look, think and enjoy the design work of others. I have another bigger idea in the works though. A true test of my fear of failure.

I’ve challenged myself to be content with a single site design for a longer period of time. Anders Norén’s made that task easy. Less, but better.