Forest Green Rovers – for the first time in their 128-year history – have been promoted to the Football League after beating Tranmere in the Conference play-off final.

Why am I interested? They’re vegan. More specifically, the club is vegan, with no animal products of any kind for sale anywhere within the organisation.

I try to be positive but I can almost hear the naysayers calling out leather boots, players eating meat at home, board members wearing wool suits and more. The point here is it’s a conscious business decision for the future and leading by example for the local and football community. Owner Dale Vince, the founder and sole shareholder of Britain’s largest green energy company Ecotricity, is making decisions that impact all living beings, not just his bank account.

It’s easy to dismiss because it’s so radically different to what others are doing in the sporting world. It comes across as innovative but it’s really just how it logically should be because breeding animals for food in mass is just a warped idea for health and the environment.

Check out this Telegraph article from 2011 for more info about Dale Vince’s ethos.