I’m a huge fan of the Rich Roll Podcast and rarely miss an episode. Episode 240 with Dr. Melanie Joy was timed perfectly for me. I’ve heard a lot of lip service recently that irks me but do my best to channel the energy it creates within me towards being the best example of a vegan I can be, part of my ideal self. This discussion helped me so much.

If you’re open minded and down with rational thought, the specific topics covered in DR. MELANIE JOY ON GOING BEYOND CARNISM: WHY WE LOVE DOGS, EAT PIGS AND WEAR COWS include:

  • the concept of carnism
  • psychological defense mechanisms to eating animals
  • speciesism
  • carnistic justifications and “humane meat”
  • the rise of meat & dairy alternatives
  • the psychology of social change
  • the impact of the locavore movement
  • masculinity of meat & gender stereotypes
  • how to effectively advocate for veganism.

Dr. Melanie Joy delivers her responses in such a succinct and open way, it’s very impressive. The show notes at the link above are full of great resources and references.